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07-Aug-2017 06:11

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The planning team could also evaluate the percentage of actions implemented.Plan evaluation may not occur as frequently as plan monitoring, but it is an important step to ensure that the plan continues to serve a purpose.These procedures help to: Element A6 The plan maintenance process shall include a section describing the method and schedule of monitoring, evaluating, evaluating, and updating the mitigation plan within a five-year cycle.44 CFR §201.6(c)(4)(i) Plan monitoring means tracking the implementation of the plan over time.Many communities commit to, at a minimum, annually reconvening the planning team to evaluate the plan’s effectiveness and to prepare a report for their governing bodies that demonstrates progress to date.This information also serves as the basis of the next plan update.For instance, if a goal is to improve public awareness of hazards and risk, then repeat a survey conducted during the planning process on an annual or 5-year basis to gauge how perception of risk is changing.

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In addition, frequently, the Office of Emergency Management is the contact point and coordinator for post-disaster funding opportunities for implementation of the proposed mitigation initiatives incorporated into the plan.” The Coastal Bend Council of Governments Plan included the form used to evaluate each action after its completion or a specific time during its implementation.

The planning team or, if applicable, a subset of the planning team assigned to evaluate the plan, may develop a schedule for both regular meetings and specific deliverables.

To maximize funding opportunities, schedule the meetings to coincide with an existing process or procedure, such as the community budget cycle or FEMA’s annual grant cycle.

Monitoring, therefore, becomes part of the regular administrative function of the offices or positions to which it is assigned.

Evaluating Effectiveness Evaluating means assessing the effectiveness of the plan at achieving its stated purpose and goals.If reports or other deliverables are necessary, determine their frequency and reporting requirements.

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