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Returning from the Philippines, Sebastian Rodriguez Cermeno, commanding the galleon San Augustin, surveys the Pacific coast, spotting land north of Cape Mendocino and a large bay, present-day Drake's Bay, farthersouth.1808-1812 - Russian ship Kadiak, commanded by Ivan Kuskoff, sails into Bodega Bay looking for a trading base; sets up colony at Ft.

Ross on Sonoma coast in 1812, hoping to prosper with sea otter trade. Mariano Vallejo, "the last of the Conquistadores," arrives, becomes dominant landholder and political leader through most of the 19th century, with up to 50,000 head of cattle; first home built on Petaluma Rancho 1834-36; Vallejo leads assaults, takes control over rebellious Indians in 1830s; creates a pueblo with a large plaza in Sonoma in 1835.

"I had never seen or been told of, any inappropriate behavior by Assemblyman Dababneh, or any disparagement of women," Sherman said.

He also noted Dababneh "has been in several contentious political races" and that in none "did his political opponents, some of whom had professional opposition researchers, allege anything regarding sexual harassment in their mailings, handouts, or advertisements."No one witnessed the alleged assault in Las Vegas but Lopez's lobbying partner, Afrack Vargas, said Lopez told him about what happened when she returned from the weekend in Las Vegas.

"I am putting this in the hands of the lawmakers who have told me they will act to protect me." Dababneh, a former aide to U. Rep Brad Sherman who was elected to the Assembly in 2013, issued a statement through a public relations firm saying he looks forward clearing his name.

"I affirmatively deny that this event ever happened — at any time," he said.

Narrow gauge railway extends from Marin County to Valley Ford, Freestone, Occidental, Monte Rio, Duncan's Mills, terminating in Cazadero.

Assemblyman Raul Bocanegra of Los Angeles resigned last week while Sen. Jessica Yas Barker joined Lopez at the news conference to allege frequent inappropriate comments by Dababneh when they worked together.Jasper O'Farrell buys Jonive Rancho (Sebastopol.) He names his holdings the Annaly Rancho, eventually turned into Analy.O'Farrell provides for the building of the first Catholic church, with Father Rossi in charge, andlays out a general merchandise store operated by Bodega's Mc Caughey brothers. Mariano Vallejo elected Sonoma district's first state senator (district includes Mendocino County until 1859.) Numerous squabbles over land, including cost of court battles, cause major economic losses for Vallejoover a number of years.Maria Ignacia Lopez Carrillo builds first permanent residence in Santa Rosa valley, settles near son-in-law Vallejo on Rancho Cabeza de Santa Rosa, the only woman to be directly given a Mexican land grant.

Ernest Rufus receives land grant from Mexican government, acquires 17,580 acres called Gualala Ranchon German Rancho.Bash told the AP he did not formally report Dababneh's behavior because he felt it was up to the people who had worked for him to make that choice.