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The chapel had a rectangular nave and narrower, very short choir area. By the second half of the 1500s, the chapel was no longer in use. Bønsnes church has a later added wooden tower in front of the west gable.

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The main road between Oslo and Bergen, European route E16, runs through the community.

Bønsnes church (Bønsnes Kirke) is a small medieval era church. The altarpiece is probably from the 1700s, featuring the Crucifixion and the Last Supper, surrounded by leaf ornaments, columns and sculptures. Repairs, restorations and remodeling occurred during 18.

The medieval interior has a Madonna sculpture from the 1200s and a crucifix from the 1400s. The old church burned to the ground after a lightning strike in 1943.

South of the lake Tyrifjorden it also borders on Modum municipality.

Most of the residents live in the villages of Sundvollen, Vik, Kroksund, Helgelandsmoen, Steinsåsen, Røyse, and Sollihøgda.Stein Church Ruins (Stein kirkeruin) are located at Steinsfjorden.